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Our Past Experience...

Taiwan 1992



This was our first trip to Taiwan, R.O.C. This was taken at our sister school, Sacred Heart High School. We were there to perform for two nights and also to celebrate their school's annual school annivesary. It was truly a fun and enriching experience for all those who went there. The scenery we saw during the tour and the places we visited were simply breath-taking. Most of our journey took us through the Taroko Gorge..a highly dangerous journey where vehicles travel in a one-way direction and from both sides of the coach bus that we took, you either see the wall of the mountain or the cliff and the erm...ideal place for bungee jumping!

But the highlight of the trip was the exchange programme. We got to be hosted by the ever-friendly and hospital Taiwanese for a couple of days or boy! have we learnt and ate a lot. Indeed, I think we were very well-fed in their homes. Best of all, we made new friends.


Performance Night


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NB:All photos are scanned by Cheryl.