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What WE hope to do .....

The main purpose of the choir alumni is to serve as an extension to the RV Choir. Working jointly with RV Choir, the alumni members can assist juniors and upkeep the standards of the Choir. Alumni members can exchange choral experiences and impart the choral singing skills to the juniors, bringing the Choir to greater heights. The alumni hopes to build a reputation for itself and for the school. With the setting up of this organisation, we hope to improve the relationship between juniors and seniors. The choir alumni will also function as a morale support body, giving encouragement to the juniors.

Coming Plans .....

Alumni members have been actively involved in the preparation for the national choral competition by conducting warm-up sessions, sectionals and combined practices. For our own plans, the Alumni will be organising activities to further nurture choral talents within the alumni. The most immediate is to carol this Christmas. We intend to sing in shopping centres and hotels. We would also like to perform for charitable organisations such as homes, orphanages and hospitals. If possible we will participate in choral competitions or stage musicals in the near future. Apart from these, the choir alumni may also join the RV Choir in school functions, public performances as well as overseas trips. To strengthen choral skills and techniques, choral workshops will be conducted for newcomers, so as to uphold our reputation as a Choral Excellence choir, thus bringing glory to the school.

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