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WHO are WE???

We are a group of devoted enthusiasts who have graduated from RV. We return to RV Choir regularly as we are bonded by our common interest in singing, thus we would like to form an official choir alumni. As choir alumni members, we would be able to continue our contribution to the school and the choir. At the same time, we can foster friendship and explore our talents. With support from the teachers, meetings have been conducted and plans have been made. We are sincere in becoming part of the school alumni and we seek your understanding and approval.

The Choir Alumni

Presently, there are about 30 members in the choir alumni and the number is expected to increase. The choir alumni would serve as an extension to the RV Choir, thus ensuring dedicated talents are not lost when the choir members graduate.  To achieve professional recognition, we intend to take part in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music(ABRSM) choral examinations.


President: Travis
Alumni Coordinator : Xiang Jing (1996)
Secretary : Cheng Xin (1996)
Librarian : Sihui (1996)/ Pauline (1996)
Treasurers : Eric (1996)/ Zhang Di (1996)

Compliments from James Chia.... one of our Alumni members....this piece entitled "Hallelujah Chrous"

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