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Our Past Experience...

Europe 1994



Yup! That's us in our erm... usual school blazers. This was taken at Changi Airport before our departure for Europe. There seems to be very little people, don't you think? Well, obviously we can't have the whole choir on tour, can we? That will be about a 100 - odd people. Yup! That's the usual strength of the choir. Basically, these few people here that you see are the more 'on' kind of people who simply like to gather for the sake of singing!

The man standing behind in the last row is the present Principal of the school, Mr Tham Tuck Meng. Over the years, he has been actively supporting the choir and even expresses his interest in our suggestion of the Alumni Choir!

The lady on the extreme left is Mrs Lim Yau, our most invaluable Choir mistress! who has always been dedicated to the choral development of the choir.

Wait! We can't forget all about the teachers-in-charge who have always been busy doing the "backstage" kind of job, such as coordinating this trip. On the far right in the last row, the third lady from the right is Miss So Kah Leong, ex-Choir teacher-in-charge and the lady on the extreme right also from the last row is Mrs Tan, our faithful and long-serving teacher who has all these years been taking care of us.


Performance On Tour...


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NB:All photos are scanned by Cheryl.